A strikingly original artistic, athletic and social movement has begun in the heart of Toronto. SPiN Members are individuals who enjoy ping-pong, or merely just people watching, drinking, eating, talking, smiling, flirting, etc.

We offer two different options for payment; monthly and annual, however all memberships are based on a one-year commitment.

Members & non-members are able to book ahead at a Group Reservation rate of $60/hour. If you would like to book a reservation for a birthday, corporate party, or just a night out with friends, please call 416.599.7746 to secure your table!

*Upon signing up, members receive a fancy SPiN Toronto membership package. Wowza!
*Members can book a table for up to 2 hours per day, up to 5 days in advance at 50% off the walk-in court rate ($10/hr before 5pm, $17/hr after 5pm)
*When we are fully booked, members will be bumped to the top of the waitlist
*Members receive one free hour of court time each month

*To take advantage of your 50% discount, bookings must be made within 5 days. If booking outside of this period, the cost is the reservation rate of $60 per table/per hour
*For Member Reservations made outside of 5 days: Members have 24 hours to cancel the reservation at no charge, however, Members cannot re-book the same time slot for the member discounted rate that day.
*All member reservations must have that member present. If the member is not present for the duration of the court time, the full $60/hr reservation rate will apply
*If booking additional tables or for longer than 2 hours at one time, please note the regular rates will apply. (Walk-in rate if extending while at SPiN, or reservation rate if booked in advance)

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The SPiN Membership Philosophy is to create a global community of people, socializing, exercising, and fantasizing together, thanks to a 2.7gram, 40mm, gas filled, celluloid, ricocheting round ball... with a coefficient restitution of .88.

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